Technology and Equipment

Patented Technology and Process Equipment


Trilogy Refining (TR) is not your ordinary refining company.

  1. Our engineering partners have many current patents on resin technology for refining many metals. Our resin technology is superior to other resin pre-existing technology due to the simplified process and procedures.
  2. Our engineering partners have many current patents on electrochemical generation of oxidants to dissolve precious metals, including our patented reagents.
  3. Combined, TR has the most current technology with patented refining equipment, methods and processes.
  4. Our specialty is bio-friendly refining chemistry and methods for gold (Au) and palladium (Pd) recovery and refining.
  5. Our specialty process also captures other metals such as PGM’s and rare earth elements. But, the equipment and processes must be modified based upon the metal(s) you’re trying to recover.
  6. Our cost to operate is one of the lowest in the hydro-metallurgical industry.
  • Exclusive Chloride Chemistry with Patented Reagents.
  • 120/240V 1PH 50A power connection.
  • Process and Safety PLC controlled with shutdown and alarming.
  • Integrated Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems.
  • Integrated Laboratory and recovery process.
  • A complete processing system ready to go to work.
  • Precursors are Salt, Water and Electricity….100% recycled solutions.
  • Drive it to your location and get to work.
  • Rates up to 2 tons per day, from start-to-metal in hand.