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We Extract the Headache
from Black Sand Processing.

Trilogy Refining continues to process black sand concentrate and other metal bearing ore from mines all over North America.  In the past, many of these tailings were tossed out as waste.  Our total design package includes improved concentrating and refining methods combined together. If all you have remaining in your concentrate is micron gold and it doesn’t need concentration…no problem!!.  Our process is very efficient, eco-friendly, effective and low cost to operate.  We are one of the leading developers, designers and processors in hydrometallugical recovery methods and technology. If you’re digging for gold (or PGM’s), you’re going to need it.

Efficient Process

Trilogy Refining is able to extract Gold and other precious metals and refine them using our patented process, refined to 24kt (.996% minimum). Results have shown recovery rates up to > 99% of obtainable metal on selected black sand concentrate.   Trilogy’s patented reagent technology makes it all possible. Many of our competitors charge up to 30-60% on the value of material recovered, based on tonnage ran per day. Our costs are up to 50% lower!  Also, additional costs for shipping the ore elsewhere can be eliminated because our Onsite Mobile Processing Units do it all at your location if you desire.

Low Recovery Cost 

Trilogy Refining’s efficient process is up to 40% below other alternative methods cost to operate (OPEX). Our proprietary process is a hybrid of modern and traditional black sand processing. The combination and efficient use of modern products and materials combined with superior chlorine technology and reagents.   We achieve one of the lowest (OPEX) costs in the industry due to the on-site generation of oxidant. Our only precursors are salt, water and electricity which contribute to the lowered (OPEX). Power consumtion is minimal due to the low current capacity of the process overall. Our process extracts the maximum amount of Precious Metals for you, at the lowest possible cost to you.  No skyrocketing, costly material transportation monies that have to be spent because our onsite mobile processing does it all at the location that you choose works best.

Environmentally Friendly

Trilogy Refining process and proprietary technology uses safe, environmentally friendly, on-site generated oxidant products to extract Gold, Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) and Rare Earth elements without harmful by products or hazardous waste like Cyanide.  Our process solutions are recycled and re-used on the next process run, over and over again. Our dissolution  process is clean, self contained, recyclable and safe for workers and mining operations in all 50 states.

Black Sand Concentrate

Trilogy Refining has combined the best recovery and refining method for “black sand mining”. Let’s face it; there is valuable metal in black sands. With our patented HEP process we can extract the maximum amount of precious metals and rare earth elements that still remain in you concentrates at micron levels which are not obtainable by modern concentrating methods. Our process design basis is to utilize the most plentiful element on earth….Salt.  Because utilizing the most plentiful element on earth makes ecological sense when combined with a chloride based recovery and refining method. Our exclusive process has achieved one of the highest recovery rates for the lowest cost to operate (OPEX) in the industry. We utilize patented and proven reagent technology to provide an efficient, eco-friendly and cost effective recovery plan.