Analytical Testing

Black sand concentrate and other metal bearing ore:

Laboratory analytical testing of black sand concentrate and other metal bearing ore can be expensive!  The problem with laboratory sampling is the volume of the sample (usually 60g to 1 lb).  Small sample testing doesn’t give you any information needed for commercial scale processing and never exposes the costs associated with actually putting that sample to commercial production. In addition, the environmental impact and associated costs to neutralize and dispose of the solution after the metals have been removed in any process is costly, hence the small sample sizes for the laboratory. Analytical testing methods all result in dissolving or melting the material and recovering to metal form or measuring the results (ICP) of the solution prior to metal recovery.

Typical methods and associated costs:                                                                               

Fire Assay(Smelt):    For Black Sand Concentrate commercial production costs are up to $ 4.00 per pound or $8,000.00 per ton, regardless of the volume of metal recovered.  Fire assays could cost up to $500.00 per one pound sample at most reputable laboratories.  Costs add up quick, and if you can find a laboratory to do analytical testing a ton at a time good luck!!

Chemical Assay:  Many different solutions are used to dissolve metals for example Cyanide and Aqua Regia. Typically 60 gram samples are analyzed for approximately $20.00 each sample. A 2000 pound sample weighs 907 kilograms or 15,116 60 gram tests. At $20.00 each(typical) per test, equals $ 302,333.00 per ton.

Let’s face it, if your commercial process doesn’t match the analytical process the sample used, you can expect large differences between your analytical results and your commercial process results. If you have money on the line in an investment, or considering one, wouldn’t it make sense to get 3000 pounds worth of analytical sampling done using the exact same process the commercial process uses?

The Trilogy Solution:

Hopefully you have explored our site and have figured out what we are about here at Trilogy Refining, cost effective, environmentally responsible metal recovery and refining. Trilogy now has the equipment to do analytical sampling and commercial processing of black sand concentrate or other metal bearing ore using a proven chloride process with patented reagent technology. Our present capabilities are up to 3000 pounds per run with expansion capabilities up to 15 tons per day. We put .996% pure refined metal in your hand using our process usually in less than 24 hours!

Well, that’s what we do here, we use the exact same environmentally friendly recyclable dissolution and recovery process for analytical testing and production. If the environment is important to you we are here to help!!!