Trilogy's complete Mine Evaluation Program (MEP)

Trilogy has combined advanced concentration methods, refining methods, and equipment into a series of transportable MEP systems, available to set-up at your location, to process your claim.

You can use any part of the MEP system independently... if all you have are concentrates that need the metals recovered and refined, we've got you covered!

The picture above, on the left, is our exclusive MTE853 concentration skid.
Each series of wheels can process up to 60 yards head ore per hour dependent on the make-up of the ore or concentrate…..need more volume…add another set!

The picture above is our 3Klb per day concentrate processing reactor. The rear section of the process trailer, pictured above, is where the reactor section of the process dissolves the metals into a aqueous solution. The picture above, on the right, shows a side view with the front section of the skid dedicated to the processing section of the machine.

When the process is complete and the laboratory door opens we hand you .996% minimum purity metal in the sponge form, as seen in the picture to the right. * .9999% purity available at an additional cost.

We are looking to further process the ore you have already mined and concentrated with a Joint Venture (JV) to get the ore to metal for a percentage of metal plus operating and one time staging costs, * or other mutually agreed upon terms.

Or....You can truck your concentrates to us to process to metal .....either at your facility or ship it to ours...since we are mobile we are flexible!

Our ideal customers would have an *abundant supply of concentrates which would warrant us to (JV) to build a stationary facility, tailor-made, to your mine's specifications and big do you want to get?....we are here to help make it happen!

Are you a customer that has an *abundant supply of head ore that hasn't been concentrated yet ? Trilogy has exclusive concentration methods and equipment which would warrant us to (JV) to build a concentration process tailor-made to your mine's specifications and capacities at your facility.

Got Metal in your Ore…..Let’s Prove it!!!!