Our Mission

Our mission for Trilogy Refining was to bring together the leading minds in the industry and pioneer a new simplified technology that improves the process of using chlorine as a method to dissolve Gold and PGM metals.  Our mission is complete and the results are an exclusive, simple to operate, safe, ecologically friendly process technology that has virtually eliminated the problems associated with the use and safety of chlorine and the ecological problems of waste bi-products. We use industry proven chemistry and methods which utilize common salt, water, and electricity. Our dissolution process re-uses the proprietary solution over and over again. The Gold and (PGM) metals are captured on our exclusive resin technology.  Our ecologically friendly waste products are treated and either reused as a soil amendment or discarded as reclaimed water and ore. If environmental safety while recovering the maximum amount of precious metals and rare earth elements are important to you, we are here to help.