Us vs. Them

Their Process

Limitations of Current ElectroChemical Processes

Some prominent drawbacks of current electrochemical processes are recovery techniques, process flow and agitation effect of the ore during the dissolution phase of the process and the less than 99% extraction of the obtainable metals from the ore upon process completion.

The extractions of precious metals in competitor’s systems have similar process flows diagrams that look similar to this:

Typical Competitors Chlorination Circuit

Closed Loop Chlorination

Drawbacks with this method include:

  • Increased capacity of Lixiviant do to the addition of an Acid solution to create Chlorine gas.
  • Removal of Iron and other metals to prevent electrolysis cell fouling.
  • Static ore beds can create a “channeling” effect which contributes to lower extraction of metals from the ore sample.<97%
  • The increased polishing and crystallization processes in the circuit needed to produce the oxidant need additional chemical reactions which complicate the waste stream and increase the environmental footprint of the process overall.

Our Process

Trilogy’s simple proprietary process makes it commercially practical for processing high grade concentrated ores, or reprocessing the vast quantity of low to high grade precious metal-containing electronic components, tailings, slag and dumps, many are the remnants of previous metal recovery attempts and mining operations.

Closed Loop Chlorination Circuit

Closed Loop Chlorination Circuit

Advantages gained with this method:

  • Greatly Simplified Leaching process.
  • Maintained capacity of solution throughout the entire process, no additions into the chlorination circuit necessary.
  • No acids or alkali needed for PH stabilization.
  • No removal of Iron or other metals necessary during the complete cycle.
  • The Rotational Reactor method increases the extraction percentage of obtainable metals from the ore sample up to > 99%.
  • Eliminated polishing and crystallization processes in the circuit decreases the environmental footprint of the process overall.

HEP Process Flowchart

Why Our Process is Better

  • Utilized Industry Proven Chloride Chemistry.
  • Exclusive Patented Eco -Friendly Metal Dissolution Process.
  • Exclusive Patented Metal Recovery Resin Technology.
  • Very low environmental impact.
  • Lowest operational expenditures (OPEX).
  • Lowest capital expenditures (CAPEX).
  • Simplified procedures compared to conventional recovery methods.
  • Inexpensive precursors : NaCl(salt), Water and Electricity.
  • Complete recycle-ability of generated process solutions.
  • Waste products are sold as Soil Amendment (food source for plants).
  • Utilizes Integrated Electrochemical On-Site Generation of Oxidant.
  • Programmable Logic Controlled (PLC), (HMI) interface.
  • Safety integrated shutdown and recovery programmed.
  • Alarm annunciation and remote monitoring.