The advantage of using charcoal as a decomposing agent for chloride of gold was pointed out by Mr. Newbery four to five years before the idea was patented in the United States, The use of Carbon to recovery gold still used today in the Cyanidation process (CIP) method got its start…or should I say stole it’s start from Mr. Newberry. Granted that the use of chlorine to dissolve the gold at that time was more hazardous and complex, too complex for that era cir.1887, and the cost to manufacture chlorine gas at that time verses the cost of cyanide drove the industry to adopt the Cyanidation process. Good news….chlorine gas can be manufactured electrochemically, at the point of use, cheaper than purchasing Cyanide, Thiourea, Hyposulfite, Aqua Regia or any other alternative method, modern alloy metals and plastics have eliminated the toxic effects of the lead lined barrels which was the only technology available to Mr. Newberry in 1887. In addition modern electronics and instrumentation systems available today make the manufacture and use of chlorine safe to people and the environment. Think about it every American home has chlorine (bleach) in the laundry room, kitchen, bathroom, pool, we even disinfect our drinking water with it, what’s Cyanides claim to fame? Thank you Mr. Newberry, the father of eco-friendly gold dissolution and recovery.